Discovering Our Dignity: A Study of Women of the Bible

Discovering Our Dignity: A Study of Women of the Bible

  • Do you ever wonder if what you do really matters?
    • Does your life feel tied up in knots?
    • Do you ever feel lonely and long for meaningful relationships?

Imagine the wise women of the Bible were here to offer personal advice about friendships, family, and fulfillment. Discovering Our Dignity delivers modern-day insight directly from women of the Bible. Generations of women have faced the timeless challenge of relationships characterized by comparison and competition, habits leading to places of frustration and discouragement, and the struggle to understand what the point of it all could be. By studying our Scripture, we invite these women into our present dialogue for a tender, honest, and loving conversation-woman to woman.

Discovering Our Dignity will be studied virtually via ZOOM on Wednesday and Thursday mornings starting October 7th and 8th.

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