Must be registered parishioners of the Catholic church for at least 6 months. Baptismal Classes are offered monthly, call ahead to schedule. Godparents need to provide a current copy of their baptismal certificate with notations. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.


Marriage preparation classes begin at least 6 months proposed wedding date. Recent copies of baptismal certificates with notations of other sacraments received will be required. Please contact the Parish Office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Godparents / Sponsors

A Godfather/Godmother/Sponsor represents the Catholic Church at Baptism or Confirmation, and then serves as a role model for the candidate receiving the sacrament by living a fully Christian life. Parishioners wishing to fulfill this role must be registered at St John Bosco (or an outside parish) for at least 6 months and provide a current baptismal certificate with notations.

Each Godfather/Godmother/Sponsor will need to fill out the form provided by the parish and sign it in front of an authorized person at St John Bosco. The authorized persons to sign this form are the parish priest, the director of religious education, the front office staff, or the Spanish baptism catechist.

If the Godfather/Godmother/Sponsor was not baptized at St. John Bosco, they must submit a copy of their baptism certificate with current notations when they submit this form.