A Prayer for Ushers and Greeters 

Lord Jesus, You welcomed all who came into Your presence. 

May I reflect that same spirit through this ministry of hospitality. May Your light shine in my heart this day. Remove from me anything that would stand in the way of radiating Your presence. 

As people enter this Church to worship and praise You, may they hear Your voice in my words and see Your love in my actions. May my “welcome” reflect our joy at their presence amid my “good-bye” encourage them to return soon. 

I thank You for the opportunity to serve You and ask Your blessing upon all my efforts. 

I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Giver of all gifts. Amen. 


Greet, Assist and Serve. 

Be there. Remember that God’s people need you and are depending on you. 

Arrive early. At least 15 minutes before the time of Mass. Give a moment to silent prayerful preparation for your ministry. Arrange all those things that need to be readied and them be on hand to great the people as they arrive. 

Be at your best. Look pleasant. 

Make your first word a word of welcome. Keep on the lookout for new members of the Parish, for visitors, strangers or the aged (anyone who may need special attention). When you recognize newcomers…help them feel at home. 

“For I was…a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Matthew 25:35)