Prayer Of A Minister Of The Word


Lord, invest me with your power as I prepare to proclaim the marvel of your message. I have prepared my reading, I have tried to take within me the meaning of what I am about to proclaim. Help me to proclaim, not just with my lips, but with my whole heart and soul. Lord, make me a hollow reed so that your voice will be heard by all who hear me. Free me of excessive concern over my performance. Convert my feeling of nervousness and turn all my apprehension into an energy for proclaiming your word with power and authority. May your Spirit live in me and fill the holy word that I proclaim. Amen.



  • Must be a fully initiated into the Catholic Church – having received their Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist 
  • Must be a registered parishioner of St John Bosco
  • Must be in Good Faith Standing with the Catholic Church’s teachings and regularly attend Mass. 
  • Possess a good speaking voice; capable of proclaiming the readings with clarity and authenticity. 
  • has requisite time to devote to preparing for this Ministry through prayer, study and practice. 
  • Be willing to undertake additional training, coaching and practice in workshop sessions. 
  • have a willingness to rotate Mass assignments and cover assignments when absent.