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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long has there been a Cursillo presence in the parish?
There have been Cursillistas (those who have made a Cursillo) at St. John Bosco for at least 18 years.

2. How many current parishioners have made a Cursillo?
There are more than 60 Cursillistas in the parish (29 men and 33 women), and approximately 5,000 men and women throughout the Diocese.

3. How many active “Groups” are there?
There are currently 2 active groups in the parish – one men’s group and one women’s group.

4. What other parish events or activities does Cursillo participate in?
As a group, Cursillo is currently active in the Sunday Coffee Ministry on the 4th Sunday of each month, and participates in Lenten Soup Fridays. As individuals, Cursillistas work and volunteer for the parish; we are members of the Knights of Columbus, the Legion of Mary, the Pastoral Council, and Finance Council; we participate in Bible Study, the Divine Mercy Cenacle, and Eucharistic Adoration; we are also CCD teachers, Scout leaders, and Lectors; and we sing in the Choir.

5. How can I find a sponsor?
Call Mark or Dianne Labadie on 436-3357.

6. What do Cursillistas say about their Cursillo experience?
“The Cursillo will change your life immensely! I know from personal experience!” – Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington Diocese

“To me, Cursillo was a coming together of Catholic women who could share their journeys with one another. Our own journeys are sometimes beset by difficulties, but Jesus reaches out to us through our fellow travelers. Meeting regularly to share our Faith and to encourage one another in a small group has been a wonderful help for me. Cursillo made this possible.” – Nan Alcott

“My overall experience was joyful! It gave dimension to my prayer life. For the first time, Mary spoke to me! – Phil Quirici

“My Cursillo was an amazing weekend of prayer, listening, sharing, growing, and feeling the love of Christ extended through my fellow man. I had never experienced so much love from people whom I did not know in my entire life. The weekend was a gift from God. Now, eight years later, Cursillo has provided me an avenue to continue my spiritual life through constant reflection on how I am striving to know Christ through my studies and prayer life, and how I show Christ’s love in my daily actions. Cursillo has given me a community with which to make this journey.” – Pat Walker

“My Cursillo made it possible me to set aside one weekend to focus on Jesus Christ and how to bring Him to the center of my day-to-day life.” – John Alcott

“My Cursillo was a very uplifting experience. I felt Jesus’ love more than ever before. I have a reading problem which made the interaction with others during the weekend also very important to me. The support of our priest and the other men in my group helped me to get the most out of the weekend. They were great examples of “make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ.” I felt really loved more than any other time in my life. It taught me how to share that love with others.” – Mike Myers

“Cursillo was the most profound event that affected my spiritual life by changing and opening my mind and heart to the person of Jesus.” – Jerry John

“Cursillo was exactly what I needed to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. It was like a switch had been turned on and I began to learn how to listen with my heart. Cursillo opened my heart to God’s presence in my life and all the wonderful things He has done, and continues to do for me. It showed me the way to peace and joy in Jesus.” – Joanne Summers