As Ministers of Hospitality, you are the first face our parishioners see. We ask that you be open and friendly.

Head of Hospitality – There will be one assigned at each mass. They will choose the gift bearers. They will also help greet and seat people, as well as take up the offertory and hand out bulletins at the end.

Seaters – Seaters will help those in need of, or wanting a seat- find one within the sanctuary. Hand out bulletins at the end of mass.

Ushers do not have to help form a communion line. The only thing we ask, is at the 10 am mass, you keep the doors closed until Deacon is done serving the choir-then open the doors for those standing in the vestibule that would like to receive communion.

We ask that if you need a substitute – contact another usher from the list and then let Kandace know, via email or by calling the office, who it is that is substituting for you.